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The drinks that go with my menus are all available at the store Price if you order in advance, I only deliver drinks to make your stay in Mallorca easier and you can enjoy the island. 

Típic sin Gluten y Private Chef Service Mallorca Private chef Thomas Cammerer

The taste of Mallorca

In my shop I focus exclusively on Mallorcan wines, beers, gin and the water comes from Mallorca and is one of the best in Europe.
I always have 3 vd. Red wines, 3 vd. white wines and 3 vd. Rose, which I always change because there are so many bodegas on Mallorca and because I'm always very new about the new island wines that are made.
My Mallorcan beer comes from Sineu which I find to be one of the best beers produced in Mallorca.
When it comes to gin, there are also many differences on Mallorca. Personally, Palma Gin tastes best.
I always have a Mallorcan cava, of course a Brut.

Típic sin Gluten y Private Chef Service Mallorca Vinos y Gin
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