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I like to cook vegan and vegetarian, it's always fun to create new dishes and ideas
to realize. And to experience taste even without fish and meat.

Vegan menus Thomas Cammerer private chef Típic sin Gluten
Arrival 40.- €


MENU Vegan 1

Cold watermelon beetroot soup with diced vegetables and basil
Young garlic risotto made with  Mallorcan bomba rice and fresh mushrooms with pine nuts
A stew of quinoa balls, avocados and pumpkin with a light sea fennel sauce
Chocolate cake with almonds and fruit sorbe
of seasonal fruits


MENU Vegan 2

Smoked eggplant salad with chickpeas, tomatoes and sage
Sesame cauliflower crepe filled with lentil mago greens, wasabi mayonnaise
Vegetable-almond timbal on fennel strips and wild rice with paprika sauce
Raspberry tart with caramel sauce



MENU Vegetarian 1

Dressed cheese with vegetables on zucchini carpaccio with blueberry vinaigrette
Pear strudel on celery-walnut ragout
Pumpkin, leek and dried fruit stew with couscous harissa sauce
Pineapple Mint Soup with Dark 70% Chocolate Mousse



MENU Vegetarian 2

Mahon cheese spinach, herb pockets on artichokes, almond salad with Pisto sauce
Steamed yoghurt chickpea semolina timbal with grated coconut and sweet and sour mango
Poached organic egg on stewed peppers and tomatoes with herb oil
Fine apple pie with orange sorbet


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