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Ensïmada Malloquin yeast dough lard

        Gluten free baking class 3
Small groups of 2 or more people 155.- € per person
Private course for 1 person 195.- €
Ensaïmada is, I think, the most well-known pastry on Mallorc and it's still gluten-free, that was a big challenge, but it worked out. I sell a lot of Ensïmada, people come to me from all over Spain.
So we do in the course:

  • Ensaïmada normal and filled with vanilla cream

  • Coca de trampo with yeast dough with beer 

Everything you need for the baking course will be provided, from aprons to recipes and all baking accessories, I will bring everything I need with me.
Duration 3,5 hours
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