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Privat  Cook

I would be happy to create a menu for you according to your wishes. From the 3-course menu, vegan, paella or whether it  is a tapas evening.

If you fancy Mallorcan cuisine, for example lobsters with potatoes and fried eggs fried in olive oil or a chateaubriand served at the table, everything your heart desires is possible.

If  you have allergies or other problems ask me.

We will find the right menu for you and your guests.

Thomas Chamberer private chef Mallorca

I cook up to 10 people more on request

travel costs
all over the island €40
Thomas Chamberer Private Chef Service Mallorca

Hello, I am THOMAS CAMMERER. I completed my training as a chef in Germany. After that I was drawn out into the big, wide world. I was able to gather my first experiences in Scotland. Then it went on to England, Germany and Switzerland. I came to Mallorca from St. Moritz. Actually, I only wanted to stay on Mallorca for half a year, now I've been on the most beautiful island in the world for more than 20 years.

In addition to my small Mallorquin shop in Porto Cristo, I have been offering fresh gluten-free bread and pastries every day for several years.

Also a private chef service for at home or on your holiday finca.

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