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Mallorcan cuisine is very interesting I've been in Mallorca for more than 20 years and I'm more Mallorcan than  which is different and the dishes are different from place to place some use black olives in a dish others for the same dish artichokes but that's what makes them so exciting because there are no big rules as long as the ingredients are fresh and it tastes good.

Arrival 40.- €


Iced almond soup with Mallorcan goat cheese

Sea bream stuffed with artichokes and potatoes with red pepper sauce
Orange salad with lemon sorbet

65 .-€

menu 2

Tramposalad with tuna
Potato tortilla with
Sobrasada and green asparagus
Braised suckling lamb shoulder with Mallorcan tumbet
Almond cake with almond ice cream


menu 3

Seasonal fish escabeche
Zucchini stuffed with vegetables and ramallet tomato sauce
Arróz Brut
(Dirty Rice) 
Kind of cheesecake in a clay pot
and fresh fruits


menu 4

  Marinated quail on braised eggplant and red pepper salad
Black Fidua secas
(Mallorcan fine pasta) with squid (sepia)
A suguet of monkfish,
various mussels and shrimp with potatoes
Ensaimada filled with chocolate and meringue cream and hazelnut ice cream


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